The Summer Ball

Hard as it is to believe, a whole year at University is over. First year exams are in the past, and the end of the year has to be signalled in some way. The way it is signalled here in Colchester is the Summer Ball.

The Summer Ball is very difficult to describe to someone who hasn’t seen it, and if they have, there’s no reason to describe it at all. Those of you who’ve experienced a HGS/FSG Leavers’ Ball will have a vague idea, and therefore a better starting point than most. Imagine the Leavers’ Ball. Multiply the number of people present by 10 or 15. Move them outside onto a massive field. In this field, build a marquee the size of a football pitch, and put a stage and dancefloor inside it, as well as a load of tables and seating. Place other tents around the outer edges of the enclosure, and scatter some fairground rides liberally in the spaces remaining. Then bring in some live acts, and DJs, add alcohol, and you’re getting a rough idea of what the Summer Ball is like – a cross between black tie dinner, fair, and festival.

And so it was, we bought our tickets, and prepared for the night. (‘We’ is Emma and I, just in case you were beginning to think that I had got all pretentious, and was using the royal "we"). Had we been a little more adventurous with our money, we could have bought a ticket for £55 which entitled us to entry (no surprises there) a portrait photo, a ‘Survivors’ photo, a raffle ticket, entry to the casino, and the three course meal. This would let us in at 5.30pm and allow us all the fun we could possibly have for a whole 12 hours. Instead, we chose the tickets which meant we didn’t get the meal, and were let in at 9pm instead. This saved us an impressive £15, woo!

This is the point where I would ramble on about all the great things we did during our nine hour stay at the ball, but I won’t. All I will say is that a splendid time was had by all, and we survived, to stagger home bleary eyed as the sun rose above the horizon. I would also post photos, but they’d all be nicked from other people, who would then get very angry, and probably hit me, or at least look disapprovingly in my general direction, which is the last thing I want.

Just use your imagination. And ask politely if you want to see the pictures.


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