My very own house!!!

OK, it’s not actually MY very own house. I share it. With three other people, so it’s our very own house.
OK, it’s not even that. We rent it, and only for a year (guaranteed), possibly two. After that, someone else gets it.
BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT!!! I have a house in ‘the private sector’! One which I, along with the others, chose to live in! I wasn’t allocated it by someone with a title along the lines of ‘South Campus Accomodation Secretary’. My mum had no say in which house I chose. It was a decision we made all by ourselves.
Have I told you I have a conservatory in my bedroom? No? Well, I do. It gets very warm during the day, and quite chilly at night. I also have a lovely laminate wood floor, and a bed which squeaks terribly. That’s the worst thing about my room. That and the crummy dado rail going round two of the four walls (one of the walls was added later to reduce the size of the living room, and add another bedroom, so has no dado rail). I also lack a mirror in my room, and so have to relocate to admire my reflection, which I do all to often.
We also have a very nice kitchen (though the oven broke down after about 10 days). There are cupboards everywhere, and a well-hidden fridge. 
The house has provided us with our fair share of obstacles however. When we first moved in (it was just Yoon and I, back in the day), there was no gas, and so no hot water. We also lacked much in the way of electricity, and a fair bit of other stuff. So, we sorted out the water bills, and the electricity, but the gas had to wait while we got ourselves a gas card. Then, we couldn’t work out how to turn on the gas boiler. Still no hot water. Then we did get it turned on by our agent/landlady, but the water was only lukewarm. Then the boiler went out, and wouldn’t relight. So out came the grumpiest gasman in Colchester, and we now have everything up and running, including the internet. All we need to do now is get that networked round to all our rooms…
Ah, the joys of having your own house(!)

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