The onset of old age

So this is it. This is what it feels like to be old.
I am no longer a teenager.
In a way it’s great, and in a way it isn’t. I can now look back upon a nice round number of years in my past, and see things with a kind of detachment only possible when you’re as old as me. I now look back at my teenage years, and see how immature I was back then, safe in the knowledge that now I am more than three weeks past turning 20 that such immaturity is a thing of the past, never to return again. I shed it on Christmas Eve like the skin of a snake. At least, that’s the hope. The truth is probably quite different, but the likelihood is that I’ll have to wait until I’m 30 to be able to see it. Only another 9 years 11 months to go then!

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