‘The Rescue’ free download

I just thought I should bring to your attention the fact that Explosions In The Sky have made an entire EP available for download (for free as well) on their website, www.explosionsinthesky.com in the albums section. The EP is called ‘The Rescue’, and is very, very limited edition (well, a physical copy of it is, the actual music obviously isn’t all that limited edition anymore).
There’s a short story behind the EP, which makes things a little clearer.
The EP itself isn’t exactly typical of their music, with the songs being shorter, and more improvised than their usual stuff. However, it is a good example of their albums, and as such gets a hearty thumbs up from yours truly.
If you want to try out some of their other music, there are selected tracks from each of their albums available in the same section as the EP.

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