The end is nigh!

At midday on Saturday, I will walk out of my final university exam. After that, I still have a presentation to give on a project I have done througout the year, and an interview with the two markers of said presentation. In between the final exam and the presentation/interview, I have the Summer Ball, and then all that remains of my university life is my graduation.

Am I happy to be so close to finishing? No. Am I sad? No. I’m somewhere in between, slowly oscillating back and forth between these two emotions whilst touching neither of them. In reality, I’m rather daunted by the whole prospect of leaving university. This summer will be the first summer of my life where I have no idea of what I will be doing in the future. In all previous years (even going back to the days when I was too young to go to school, or too young to contemplate such matters as my medium- or long-term future), I have known to some degree what I will be doing in six months’ time. Mostly, it has been school, or in recent years university, but now I have no firm idea.

As you may already know, I am intending to apply to join the Police. However, at the moment, the application procedure is closed, and I have read that it can take between six and nine months for the Police to make you an offer of a place on their training course. In other words, unless their application procedure opens in the next couple of months, in a year’s time I will still be waiting to hear whether or not I am to be offered the chance to become a Police officer. I am concerned that, having waited a year to get in, I may either be turned down, or get in and then hate the job. I haven’t even thought about what to do in the meantime, let alone what to do if either of those scenarios transpires.

I suppose I feel slightly pressured by the fact that three of the five people I am closest to at university have jobs, and good jobs at that, lined up for next year, and the other two have plans which will almost certainly come to fruition. I’m the only one without a definite plan and I feel like I’ve missed the boat. I just need something to reassure me, and maybe some inspiration.


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