They think it’s all over… it is now!

And so my university life came to an end. Only graduation to go now.

It ended with an interview with two of the lecturers (Dr. Saker and Dr. Penman) about my project. I didn’t quite know what to expect, and some of the questions they asked were more mathematical than I had been prepared for (maths lecturers asking a maths student mathematical questions?! Whatever next?!) – I had envisaged that I would be asked to explain aspects of my project that weren’t clear – instead I was asked about things related to my project which I had never even seen or thought about before. However I managed to answer them all, even though I needed to be led through a couple of them by Dr. Penman. I was warned at the start that I would have an overly negative impression of how the interview went due to the fact that they wouldn’t be asking any questions on things that I had made clear in the project, and so all the questions would seem hard, and I would probably leave feeling I had made a mess of things.

My presentation, done the day before, went quite well. I managed to keep almost perfectly to time even though I thought I was rather rushing through it at first. I even succeded in making the half-dozen lecturers and students in the audience laugh on a couple of occasions! I might be over-estimating how well it went though – Dr. Penman hinted today that I would have done better to outline what exactly I was going to prove before I proved it in order to give the people who had never seen this area before a better idea of how the proof was progressing as it went along. I’m balancing this against the fact that as I finished my presentation, he made a comment along the lines of "That’s a pretty good note to end on" which I think was in reference to a comment I made at the start about peoples’ university experience ending on a low note (my presentation was the last of them all, and as such was many peoples’ last lecture/talk at university).

On the whole I think there have been more positives than negatives over this exam period (though I reserve the right to alter this opinion without warning depending upon my exam results). I know for a fact that some of the exams were disasters, but by all accounts these will be scaled and perhaps turn out to be less of a disaster than I first thought.

Now comes the daunting part – deciding what to do with the rest of my life!


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