The travels of Phil no’s 24-26: Leicester City (H), Cardiff City (H) and Plymouth Argyle (H)

Obviously, I haven’t done a "travels of Phil" for some time. In fact, the Leicester match mentioned in the title was way back on the 5th of December, so it’s getting on for five months overdue. 

The main reason I haven’t written anything is that I’m running out of things to say about football matches. Now that I can drive, the journeys are simply a procession of motorway junctions, service stations and so on, and I don’t think that makes for interesting reading. As for the matches, I’ve left it so long that my memories aren’t as clear, organised or plentiful as they would have been had I written something in the days immediately after the match. Therefore, I won’t be doing many more of these blog entries since they are all beginning to sound like each other. Conversely, I may do a couple of special ones in the next few weeks as I am off to watch Forest in the play-off semi-finals, and so that will be a match unlike any other I have been to (and there may even be a trip to Wembley to write about after that, but that’s me getting ahead of myself and probably putting the kiss of death on Tuesday’s proceedings!) and therefore will be worth writing about. 
The only notable thing I feel is worth mentioning is that this season, with my new-found car-based mobility, I have for the first time been to more home matches than away games. In the past, I have usually attended as many of the away games in London and the South East as I can, and then treated myself to one or maybe two home matches per season. This year, the weather and work have conspired against me getting to any of the ‘local’ away games, and as a result, four of the six matches I have been to this season have been at the City Ground, and I am going to make that five out of seven on Tuesday. 
On the flip side of the decrease in football related blog entries, I may be inspired to rant and ramble about a greater range of subjects. Watch this space!

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