Things Are Getting Strange, I’m Starting To Worry…

UFO files | Newly released files from The National Archives.

Breaking away from the theme of the first post, this caught my eye this afternoon.

The Ministry of Defence have released another batch of ‘UFO files’. I find this sort of thing fascinating, and so I generally get my hands on as many of these files as possible. You can download them for free for the first month, and then after that you have to pay what the website describes as “a small fee” to download any files.

I freely admit that I haven’t read much of the files – they’re often rather grainy scans of handwritten reports (and even the printed ones are frequently edited/amended by hand), making them rather difficult to follow at times. However, each batch usually comes with a handy guide to the highlights to help guide your reading.

Enjoy, and remember, The Truth Is Out There 😉

Get downloading!


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