More model behaviour

It’s been a while since I put anything on here about my models. Since I built the Bv141, I have added several more to the small flock hanging from my ceiling. In that time, I have built a Focke Wulf Fw189 (interestingly, the plane which really spelt the end of the Bv141 as they were both powered by the same engine, and the Fw189 made more rapid progress from prototype to production model), a larger, 1/48 scale Hawker Hurricane (all my other models so far have been 1/72 scale), and I then followed that up with another 1/48 scale rendition of a famous Battle of Britain fighter – the Supermarine Spitfire, albeit that this model is in a highly unusual black and gold post-war colour scheme – and the most recently completed model is a 1/72 scale Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina.

Below are some photos of these models:

Focke Wulf Fw189

Focke Wulf Fw189 - very similar to the Lockheed Lightning

Hawker Hurricane

Hawker Hurricane - note the silvering around the decals on the fuselage

Black and gold Spitfire

The black and gold Spitfire in close up

There isn’t a photo of the Catalina yet, but I will take one at some point, upload it and post it for you all to see.


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