A Good Day To Bury Bad News (part 2)

Of course, only a couple of days after I wrote the previous piece on Forest’s situation, it all got a whole lot more undignified. Steve McClaren let it be known (via ‘sources’) that he was considering his future at the club, and then once his representatives had spoken to Nigel Doughty and Mark Arthur, announced that of course he was staying, and was going to see things through, and that there had never been any chance of him leaving at all.

Essentially, it was all a fairly childish episode of using the media to mark territory. Steve McClaren wants Nigel Doughty to know that he won’t be let down again, and has other options. Really?! You think a man of Nigel Doughty’s intelligence needs that spelled out to him? You think using the media to tell him is the most dignified way to do it? You think this behaviour is going to win you the respect of the Forest fans who were either skeptical about or outright against your appointment as manager? To be honest Steve, as far as I’m concerned, the answer to all of these is NO.


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