My Book Diary – an update

As you will probably have noticed (if you were following things closely that is), I have changed the format of my book diary somewhat. It has lost its own separate page, and become part of the regular blog. I don’t want this to seem as though it is a relegation of sorts, from the distinct into the ordinary, but more a move to increase its visibility and readability.

The ever-growing pile of recently read books

I was concerned, having started the way I did, and at the rate I did, that the ‘Book Diary’ page would rapidly fill and overfill. As it was a static page, which I merely edited to update, and the new information went on at the bottom, I though that by the end of the year (and possibly much earlier) anyone who was keeping an eye on my reading would have to trawl through masses of text to find the latest addition to the list.

Instead, I decided to move it over into the regular blog with a monthly update and its own category to make filtering out the non-Book Diary entries easier.

I hope you like the improvements!


2 thoughts on “My Book Diary – an update

  1. I didn’t even know about the static book page so seems to make sense to keep it updated on your blog.

    How do you decide what books to read next? Are you setting yourself this time to read X many books or do you normally burn through books this fast.

    And how about an update on your New Year’s Res


  2. I always have a stack of unread books lying around, and simply pick one from that. Sometimes I’ll go on a theme, other times I’ll consciously change the subject matter so as not to ‘burn myself out’ in one area.

    For instance, I finished listening to ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’ last night, and was thinking of reading ‘An Expensive Place To Die’ by Len Deighton next, but then decided that reading two Seventies-based spy novels on the trot might cause them to blur into one (even if I didn’t read TTSS).

    I do read a lot, and constantly have a book on the go, but I seem to be getting through them at an alarming rate this year. Previously, I would have said that I read a book every ten days to two weeks, but at the moment they are working out to an average of about six days, so I’m on course for sixty books this year! I think things will slow somewhat as I have some less lightweight reading lined up.

    As for the New Year’s Resolutions, I will do some sort of reckoning in the not-too-distant future.

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