2012’s New Year’s Resolutions Progress Report

Back in January, I gave these as my New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Manage my money better
  • Manage my time better
  • Be more organised
  • Be more proactive (this could be linked to ‘manage my time better’)
  • Stand up for myself more
  • Progress at work or get a better/better paid job
  • Do a charity run of decent length (10k+)
  • … and therefore get fit(ter)
  • Do a better job of keeping in contact with my friends from Kent (sorry guys!)
  • Keep a ‘book diary’ (idea shamelessly stolen from Emma)
  • Blog more!

So how am I getting on?

Manage my money better – Obviously, it’s difficult to measure what constitutes ‘better’ since I didn’t set a benchmark for last year’s money management. However, I feel that this is one resolution where I am making progress. I’m keeping a better track of what comes in and goes out, and I’m trying to think more carefully about whether things are items I want or items I need, and if I want them, whether they can wait.

Manage my time better/Be more organised/Be more proactive – Again, a little difficult to assess. I would say that I’m doing OK, but that’s about it. The main step I have taken is writing down ‘to-do- lists, both general and day-specific to help prompt me to do things and show me the progress I am making.

Stand up for myself more – I haven’t really had any situations which have called for me to do this… yet.

Progress at work, or get a better/better paid job – Well, I have made no progress, nor got a new job. However, I have had a number of conversations with my immediate manager about progressing at Waitrose, and I have also applied for a number of jobs. Unfortunately, I have yet to hear back from any of them. This sounds like a typical job-seeking experience though, so I am not letting it deter me yet.

Do a charity run of a decent length (10k+)…. and therefore get fit(ter) – I am, as always, doing the Great Baddow 2 mile fun run next month, and I am on the lookout for a 10k in the autumn. I am also seriously considering giving up football and taking up ‘road running’ with Braintree & District Athletic Club. I wouldn’t say much progress has been made yet, but things are advancing through the planning stage.

Do a better job of keeping in contact with my friends from Kent – I really should repeat the apology from before! I have been terrible at keeping in touch, and it has continues this year. I was almost too late to RSVP to Dan and Nic’s wedding, and the only plans I am involved in making are for Franky and Dave’s ‘Philgrimage’ (see what they did there?) which they suggested. Must do better!

Keep a book diary – The one roaring success from my resolutions. After a little tweaking, I’m pretty happy with how it is going, and even though I will probably edit things a little more, it is becoming a central part of my blog.

Blog more! – Prompted by the Book Diary, this is happening. I’ve made a few cosmetic changes to the blog too, in the hope that it looks better and is more readable, though any constructive criticism is welcome!


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