Balsa Wood Mustang, part 1

Following on from the roaring success that was the Guillow’s Hawker Hurricane, I decided to build another of their kits, the P-51D Mustang.

This kit is from a different series (the 900 series rather than the 500 series) which gives it a slightly different style and method of construction. Whereas the Hurricane had all of the major components cut to shape and I only had to cut the formers to the right size, the Mustang required me to cut many of the straight pieces myself, which led to a couple of clangers being dropped in the early stages.

I’ll publish this build in stages, rather than one long blog post, which hopefully will allow me to go into more detail about certain aspects of the building process. Here are a couple of photos of the main pieces after the construction is 90% done:

Fuselage viewed from above…

… and from the side

At the moment, the wings are lacking a strengthening rib and the wire undercarriage legs. That will be the next stage before we go on to covering the aeroplane.


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