2013 – New Year’s Resolutions

Here are my resolutions from the coming year. There may be some repetition from last year, but I suppose that just means that either I didn’t keep them and I’m giving myself a second chance, or I think I can make greater progress…

  • Lose weight – I feel like I’ve eaten too much rubbish this year, particularly in the last couple of months. Therefore, this resolution can be broken down into smaller parts:
  1. Eat better food (e.g. more fruit and veg, less sugary stuff)
  2. Eat less (Emma and I often struggle to judge portion sizes for two people while cooking and then eat it all, so this can definitely improve)
  3. Exercise more (I can’t motivate myself, which needs to improve)
  • Swear less – it’s becoming a habit, and one I don’t want.
  • Learn something/improve myself – I want to do a course and/or take more flying lessons so that whatever happens at work, I can finish the year feeling as though I have achieved something.
  • Keep the house tidy – I have a boom or bust relationship with cleaning and tidying. I let things slip until I can’t bear them any more and then spend several hours blitzing the place when ten minutes every day would solve the problem.
  • Be more patient – this is in particular reference to my free time and hobbies. When building my models or the rare occasions when I get to paint (for instance) I get to within sight of the end and then rush things, leaving me with something with which I’m not totally happy.
  • Do one thing at a time – this is kind of a follow on from the point above. I rush partly because I’ve reached an interesting stage with something else and I want to clear the decks and concentrate on the more interesting thing. If I’m not in that situation, I might not hurry so much.
  • Spend less on things I don’t need or can’t use for a while – I have something like twenty unmade models sitting in the loft. I finish approximately five a year. Clearly I don’t need to buy more (unless they’re at an unbeatable price perhaps) for quite some time.
  • Throw things away – this will help keep the house tidy! I need to be more ruthless with rubbish. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is transfer it from shelf/surface/drawer/box/loft/wherever to the bin.
  • Do more washing – I don’t pull my weight in this department and I should.

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