Book Diary – April 2013

The X Files – Ruins’ by Kevin J Anderson

51p3LQo16PL._SL500_AA300_Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st April

Taking a break from ‘Parade’s End’ and looking for something a little quicker and easier for a recent weekend in Belgium, I opted for one of the X Files novels I had stashed in the loft.

My expectations were pretty low – the previous book I had read in the series, Goblins, was mediocre to say the least – but this comfortably exceeded them. It bowled along at a decent pace, had the Mulder/Scully banter just right, had a decent plot with all the right X Files elements, and didn’t outstay its welcome. It had a similar premise to ‘MAMista’ which I hated last year, and was much better, which shows how badly wrong Len Deighton got it.

‘The Informer’ by Akimitsu Takagi

Monday 29th April – Tuesday 7th May

Having paused ‘Parade’s End’ I decided to start working my way through some of my Christmas presents. This, from Emma, is one of the few translated works from Akimitsu Takagi, whose ‘Tattoo Murder Case’ I read in January 2012.

As with the previous book, the story was a little dated but that shouldn’t really be held against it. In some ways the primness gave a veneer of authenticity to the story, set in 1960s Japan.

The plot was good, helped no doubt by the fact that it was based on a true story. I was kept guessing until the end, though I think I noticed a couple of errors in the story towards the end – while I did have a little bit of a struggle keeping track of all the Japanese names, I am pretty sure that a new character was introduced in the explanation less than three pages from the end of the story.


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