Cookie and Candy on canvas

I’m a little slow to add this, as I completed it last weekend. I have been working on a painting of the cats for a few weeks on and off, with it taking a few different directions along the way (in my head if not necessarily on the canvas!).

Here are the progress shots of the painting:

2013-03-19 09.21.45
2013-03-19 09.36.30
2013-03-20 20.31.38
2013-03-21 14.57.55

I had toyed with the idea of leaving it monochrome, but then it crossed my mind to play on that idea slightly and use flat blocks of colour for the background, matching the colours in the original image. Then I was concerned that doing so would result in a picture in which the background stood out ahead of the main subject, so instead in a moment of inspiration I decided to have the eyes as the only non-monochrome part of the painting. The shade is also brighter than their eyes in reality, but this clearly isn’t a realist painting.

2013-05-05 17.02.52So here is the finished article:
2013-05-05 17.02.48

I’m very proud of the finished article. I haven’t done that many paintings (I think this is only the fourth since I left school) but I think it’s the one which somehow catches the spirit of the subject the best. It’s going to take pride of place on the stairs (our Greene View Gallery) and encouraged by such a successful effort, I’m going to start almost straight away on the next one.