These Two Make A Write Pair

James Ellroy and David Peace in conversation | Books | The Guardian.

This article isn’t new (in fact it’s over eight months old), but I only stumbled across it recently. It features two of my favourite authors in conversation about James Ellroy’s latest book, ‘Blood’s A Rover’ (no, I have no idea what that title means either).

I haven’t read the Underworld USA trilogy yet – it’s next on my ‘to read’-list – but I have ready many of Ellroy’s books, and they have consistently intrigued, appalled and enthralled me in equal measure. The best, I think, is ‘White Jazz’, part of the L.A. Quartet which, coincidentally, is named as a major influence by David Peace in this article.

One of the things that I find most interesting about this piece is the very candid way in which James Ellroy talks about himself. He seems to make no apologies for things he has said and done, and yet also admits that they way he was was less than desirable. He strikes me as an intriguing man.

David Peace is another literary hero of mine. His style, particularly in the Red Riding Quartet, is clearly influenced by James Ellroy, specifically ‘White Jazz’ as mentioned before. In contrast to James Ellroy, I have read everything David Peace has written, and been equally captivated by his historical novels and their ability to put the reader right inside the mind of the main character or characters.

As a result, the idea of the two of them ‘in conversation’ is a very interesting one.