Distant Dreams

In my first post, I mentioned that I wanted to go travelling. When you flick through the images on the link, it’s easy to see why Japan is very high on my list of places to visit. There can be few other places in the world with such a distinctive style.

However, this remains quite a long way away, both geographically and financially at the moment. The cheapest flights out to Japan are over ¬£500, and that’s before you even begin to think about accommodation and travel within the country itself.

A more reasonable destination at the moment is Germany, another country I really want to visit. This has little in common with Japan in terms of  style or culture, and yet I find the prospect of travelling around the cities and countryside just as appealing. Not only is it likely to be much more affordable (not least thanks to the European railcards that are available), but having studied German for my GCSEs, I have a reasonable grasp of the basics of the language. A little further study should make me able to carry out a few simple conversations with the locals.

In addition to Japan and Germany, I also wish to visit Italy and Scandinavia, in particular Rome and Tuscany, and Sweden respectively. Again, this is something of a random mix, but there is something which I can’t articulate about each place which attracts me.

As mentioned in the very first post, I want to make up for lost time and start doing the things I’ve always wanted to do, particularly travelling. I hope to make a start on this over the next twelve months or so, and with my dad living just over the border in Belgium, Germany is a realistic aim. Watch this space!